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​​Export manager message:
Im delighted that Kian-Badas is growing fast not only in Iran market but all over the world ,and to continue our ambition of further growth and development ,the major challenge is our brand awareness.
Im proud to say that the quality of our products has been playing the most Important role In terms of our publicity through word of mouth by our loyal customer which made It much easier for us to move forward  towards the expansion of our business and those challenges.
In Kian-Badas we offer our client an extensive range of products which gives every Indivisual the desire they deserve.our mission is to delight and satisfy our customer ,high quality products,right team and our services is what differentiate us within the Industry.
Thanks for your loyality and supports and Im hopping with the supports you are giving us,we will be able to progress in the direction of our mission as pre-eminent possible.​